This Woman Drinks a Gallon of Water Daily for 30 Days. See What Happens!

One British woman discovered that the key to looking ten years younger is in drinking water and staying hydrated. As Sarah Smith claims in her article, she started to drink a lot of water every day at the advice of her neurologist. He told her that her poor digestion and her chronic migraines could improve if she drank more water.
The neurologist also told Smith that she had to drink at least 3 liters of water every day. Until then Smith had been drinking only 1 liter of water a day and it was totally new for her.

Smith decided to do the hydration challenge which lasted for four weeks after her neurologist told her that 1 in 5 women in United Kingdom suffer from dehydration.

Before she started with the experiment she took a photo of herself and described her face as lifeless – thanks to the lackluster skin with dark shadows around and under her eyes and many wrinkles together with unusual reddish blotches. One month later, Smith took another photo. The difference between the first and the second photo startled the whole world.

Smith herself claims that she could not believe the difference in her face. She looked like a different woman. Her husband and friends told her that she looked like she was 10 years younger.

However, when Dr. Doris Day saw Smith’s picture, he claimed that Smith shouldn’t be surprised at what happened to her face.

According to her, we didn’t realized how powerful could be the effect of water on our bodies and especially on our skin. She adds that if we are more hydrated, we feel better and when we feel better we also look better.This Woman Drinks a Gallon of Water Daily for 30 Days. See What Happens!

Dr. Richard Besser, a physician, totally agrees with Day that water is the only drink that our body needs and wasn’t at all surprised when he saw Smith’s before-and-after photos.

Besser claims that if we got dehydrated, our body was going to pull water from our skin tissues to keep the water concentration in our blood.

According to Besser, when this happens our eyes usually look sunken, the skin looks and feels dry, it is not very elastic and in that way you look a lot older. When we drink so much water, we don’t drink sodas and other similar drinks and at the expense of this we look younger and healthier.