She Drank Carrot Juice Every Day For 8 Months: You Won’t Believe What Happened

The author of great number of books for children, Ann Cameron, was born in 1943 in the American state of Washington. She was diagnosed with cancer and on June 6, 2012 she had an operation. When the surgery was done, this scary disease was in the third stage, and after the surgery the author refused chemotherapy because she felt a lot better.

But, it seems like it was some placebo effect. Shortly after the surgery, on November 6, 2012, the results of the computed tomography revealed that the colon cancer had spread to the lungs and has entered into the fourth stage.

The doctors’ medical predictions weren’t good at all. According to them she had only three more years to live. She was also explained that chemotherapy won’t change anything about that.

In 2005 her husband died from lung cancer but she decided not to give up, so she begun to search for some alternative treatments. While she was looking for alternative remedies, she found Ralph Cole’s confession. He cured his skin cancer by drinking juice made of 2.5 pounds of carrots every day.

Ann decided to try this remedy. She began consuming this juice on the 17th of November, few times a day. She refused to go to chemotherapy or radiation but she started eating only healthy foods, completely changing her lifestyle. Two weeks after she began consuming the juice, she decided to make another tomography examination. The results revealed that her condition was the same as before.carrot-juice1

Nevertheless, on 7th January 2013, two months after the last tomography test she made another test. This time the results were shocking! The cancer stopped spreading. The swelling of the lymph glands and the tumors began to decline. In March 2013, four months after the treatment, the disease continued to decline and the glands were normal and healthy. Eight months after the carrot juice treatment, the results have shown that the cancer has completely disappeared.

Carrots are proven to have anticancer properties. The fatty alcohol and the natural pesticides in the carrot juice are responsible for these anticancer properties. By drinking this juice, you raise the levels of carotenoids in your body and organic pigments that have been proven to prevent the development of tumor cells.
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