How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally?

It is believed that the dark circles around the eyes are caused by many reasons. They can be caused by smudging of pigmentation. Dark circles can appear on both men and women no matter how old they are.

According to many doctors, the collection of fluid and veins under the eye can also be a cause of dark circles. This can lead to shadowy appearance and have a very bad effect on your self-esteem. Now the main question is: how to get rid of these dark circles naturally? Look at the following natural remedies for this common problem.

Method 1- Saline Washes

First of all you can use Saline wash to remove the eye discoloration. Sometimes the dark layer of your skin under your eye can be a result of nasal congestion. Use homemade salt water to successfully alleviate the dark circles. Add 2 cups of warm water and ¼ teaspoon of saltwater.

Method 2 – Pistachios

Second of all, you can try Pistachios. It is believed that you can get rid of dark circles around your eyes by using pistachio nuts. Mix pistachio nuts with few drops of cold milk and apply it around your eye. Let the mixture stay under your eyes for a couple of minutes. Then wash it off with clean water. Practice this treatment for two weeks and the results will be

Method 3 – Sleep

Have you ever asked yourself how helpful would it be if you have seven hours of uninterrupted sleep? A good night sleep can do only positive things to your body. Experts believe that lack of sleep can cause hollow-shallow eyes and pale skin. If you practice unhealthy lifestyle with very little sleep, it is very common for the dark circles under your eyes to become very prominent. To lower the visibility of the dark circles, we suggest sleeping with several fluffy pillows at an elevated level.

Method 4 – Cold Water Compresses

Using cold water compresses can be also very helpful. Most people haven’t heard of this useful remedy against dark circles. Cold water compresses, wet tea bags, cucumber slices and chilled spoons can drastically reduce the dark circles. This treatment is especially recommended for all the busy workers.

Method 5 – Over the Counter Medication

We all know that allergies can lead to dark spots and puffiness. The usually cause the major skin problems, especially around the sensitive areas like under the eyes. If you are susceptible to allergies use over-the-counter medication and feel immediate improvement.