How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of Turmeric At Home

Turmeric is famous for its richness in preventive and therapeutic health benefits and it is considered to be one of the most beneficial spices in the world. It has powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Some experts claim that it is even more effective than ibuprofen.

How To grow turmeric at your home?

Turmeric does not propagate seeds, it is grown from rhizomes i.e. root cuttings. First of all, break a larger turmeric rhizome into a smaller one. It should have 2-3 buds. After that take a pot and fill it in with organic, rich and lightly moist but still drained soil. The rhizomes should be put two inches under the surface of the soil with the buds faced up. And after you have finished you should water it.

You should also provide the plant with solid organic fertilizer or compost tea twice a month.

How to Water Turmeric?

The soil where turmeric was planted should be moist, especially in hot and dry climates because turmeric loves water. It should be sprayed or watered every two days. But in the period when the climate is cooler you should water it less and be careful the soil never to be

How to Harvest It?

Turmeric rhizomes will become edible after 8-10 months. It is usually harvested for its root, but the leaves and the stems are edible too. Once the turmeric is mature enough it should be harvested altogether once. So, when the rhizomes become big enough you should dig them all up. However, if you want to plant it next time then leave a few pieces.

Note: Make sure you put it in another soil because the previous plant has probably drained all the nutrients from it.

How to Store and Use It?

Keep the turmeric roots somewhere cold and dry. Before you consume them you should first boil them for at least 45 minutes. Then let the roots stay somewhere dry for one week in order to make sure they are dry. After one week peel the roots. Don’t forget to take rubber gloves in order to prevent dying your hands. Then, the roots that have been peeled should be grinded.

You can make yourself turmeric tea or turmeric latte too. Turmeric is rich in numerous healthy nutrients which give numerous health benefits. In this article we presented to you the whole process of growing turmeric at your very own home. Now you can make your favorite meals and smoothies taste even better with this 100% organic spice. Enjoy!