Count Your Bracelet Lines On the Wrist… How Many? Here’s What It Means!

Palmistry is the art of interpreting or foretelling the future of a person by looking at the hidden meaning of the lines on the palm or the wrists of the hands. Today we will reveal the hidden meaning of the horizontal lines located on the wrist which separate the rest of the arm with the palm of the hand.

Metaphysics Knowledge claim that there is a strong connection between the types of the lines on the wrists and the person’s health, prosperity, longevity, destiny and the balance or imbalance of the spirit, mind and body. If the lines are clear and well defined without any breaks gaps or chains, it means that the person will live a happy life.

According to Metaphysics Knowledge, the first bracelet line is the most important. If the line is broken, unclear, with chains, breaks or gaps, it means that the person will face with many health problems and will be irresponsible for his life and health. On the contrary, if the line is nicely defined, clear without gaps, breaks or chains it means that the person will live long, prosperous and happy life.

Look at the first bracelet line; if it is well defined and clear, it indicates 23-28 years of life. The second line signifies 45-56 years and the third 69-84 years of life. If you have a fourth line, it indicates more than 84 years of life.

Usually the number of lines on the wrists is 2-3 and just few people have the forth bracelet line.

But that’s not all… you can also count the number of the bracelet lines and discover the meaning hidden behind them.

The first line can show some health issues.


Women: Look at the first line. Is it curved upwards going into the base of the palm or does it have some broken links? If this is so, it indicates that women will face with gynecological issues such as: absent menses, difficulty conceiving or giving birth.
Men: If the first bracelet line is also curved upwards towards the base of the palm, than it signifies that men will have problems with reproduction or prostate and urinary problems.

The second line is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. If it is clear, defined without chains, breaks or gaps it signifies that the person will live happy, prosperous and wealthy life.

The third line is a symbol of power and fame. If it is deeply defined and clear without chains breaks or gaps, it indicates that the person will be influential, famous and powerful.

The last (fourth) line on the wrist signifies the same things as the third, it only strengthens and confirms it.