The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions & How to Improve Your Posture While You Sleep

If your body is in an uncomfortable position while you are asleep, you may feel pain in your neck, hips, spine, shoulders and even jaw and it may also have a bad effect on your mood the next day. That’s why you should improve your sleep by finding the most comfortable sleeping position.

We usually think that the fatigue happens because of our uncomfortable pillow or bed. Yes, that might be some of the causes, but the body position is the usually the cause number one.

Therefore, you should really try to find the best position that suits you. When choosing, pay attention to the following three curves on your body: the line around the neck, the middle of the back and the lower back. You should try to leave these curves in their natural position while you sleep.

Sleeping on your stomach
Do you usually sleep on your stomach with your hands under the pillow and your head turned to the side? In this way you stretch your neck too much and you put even greater pressure on your hand’s nerves. With the weight of your body you press your lungs and chest. This negatively affects your breathing.

Here’s how to improve it:
Along one side of your body try putting a longer pillow. Also you can place the pillow under your hips. It is the best for you not to sleep on a pillow.


If sleeping on your back is your favorite position, than we have bad news. In this way your tongue can easily block your airways because it will slip inside. So if you suffer from apnea, this is not a sleeping position for you. Many people who sleep in this position are also prone to snoring.

How to improve it:
If this is your favorite sleeping position and you can’t change it, then you should at least put a pillow under your lower back or under your knees. In this way you will maintain the right position of your body.

 “Sleeping beauty”
In this position you sleep in one side. The knees and hands are band and the back is not at its natural position. However, this is one of the best and healthiest sleeping positions. To improve this position just put a pillow between your knees. In this way your hips will be relaxed. Put a medium-high pillow under your head. We suggest using a water-pillow since it adjusts easily. If you suffer from kidney stones try sleeping on your right side, and if you have high blood pressure turn on the left side.