Apply This Oil on Your Legs and the Vein Problems Will Disappear!

This super healing herb is well known for the curing effects it has on damaged skin.  Calendula is a herb that originates from India. It was used in magical rituals all around the world. This herb is very simple, with a  fascinating orange color that will catch your eye immediately.

Studies show that calendula can help you cleanse your blood vessels, relax them and increase their volume. Additionally, it can reduce your cholesterol levels and is very effective in combination with dandelion, hawthorn and hemp-agrimony.

The latest research found that calendula may lower your blood pressure, has sedative properties and can relax your blood vessels and boost their volume and because of these benefits it is recommended in treating angina pectoris.

How to prepare this health beneficial oil?

In order to make this oil you will need fifty calendula leaves. Wash them well and then leave them dry. Afterwards, put the leaves in a jar and join one kilo of olive oil.  Leave the calendula leaves soak in the olive oil for four to five weeks. The jar should be exposed on sun.

This oil can be used for treating burns, for varicose veins relief and also in curing damaged skin and preventing sunburns.

You can also make natural varicose veins balm:

Heat 500 gr of lard on moderate heat until it melts and then, add two handfuls of fresh calendula flowers and one handful dried green spiky shells of horse chestnut.

Leave the mixture to become foamy and then remove from heat and stir for five minutes. Cover the mixture and put it in a cold and dark place to stay for twenty-four hours. Afterwards, heat on low fire until the mixture completely melts. Drain the mixture through a sterile gauze and store the balm in clean and dry jar. Keep the jar in dark and cold place.

Apply the balm every night on the varicose veins. Also, it would be even more effective if you drink detox tea every night.