This Ancient Remedy Helps To Unclog Your Arteries, Prevents Infections, Reduces High Cholesterol And Fatigue

The blood from the heart to the whole body is carried by the arteries. The blood is rich in oxygen and it is crucial for the normal function of the whole body. So now you will understand how important the arteries are.

The circulatory system (cardiovascular system) allows blood to flow and transport nutrients (electrolytes and amino acids), blood cells, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones to and from the cells in our body. Damaging of the cardiovascular system can lead to numerous heart diseases and even heart attack. The cardiovascular system can be damaged by consuming fatty foods, processed foods, chemicals and toxins.

Below you will find a recipe which will help you cleanse your arteries. It is very simple and useful recipe.


-1 piece of ginger (4-5 cm long)
-8 cloves of garlic
-8 lemons
-100 oz or 3 liters clean water

This Ancient German Remedy Will Help Unclog Your Arteries, Prevent Infections, Reduce High...

Way of Preparation:
Wash the lemons before you cut them into pieces. After you cut the lemons clean the ginger and the garlic cloves. Mix these ingredients well until you get nice and smooth mixture. Then, put the mixture in a pot, pour the water and cook. When the water starts boiling you should remove the pot from the heat. The mixture should be placed in bottles.

How to use:
Drink it every day 2 hours before meals and on an empty stomach. If you want to achieve better results do regular exercise 3 times every day. You will be absolutely amazed by the results.