Amazing and Simple Recipe for Varicose Veins and Thrombosis with Only Two Simple Ingredients

One of the most common problems which usually affect women is the problem with varicose veins. It is an aesthetic problem which can happen to anyone. This is both aesthetic and health problem and the cause comes from many different reasons.

It can be very frustrating because you would probably have to wear longer clothes so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

This health issue usually appears in our ankles and legs. The varicose veins are usually caused by sitting or standing for too long, due to excess weight, blood clots, lack of exercise, injuries, pregnancy etc.

These twisted, swollen and distended veins disable the blood flow to be delivered to the heart. Thus, the blood accumulates in these veins. These veins may cause deep vein thrombosis if they block deeper veins. That’s why you should start with a treatment of these veins until it is too late. If you wait for long period of time, the treatment won’t be effective.

The most important things while treating these veins are the following: you should consume healthy food, exercise every day and don’t stand or sit for too long. Here we present you an amazing homemade natural remedy which will help you achieve incredible results. The remedy can be prepared simply and easily, all you need to do is follow the instructions below.Amazing-and-Simple-Recipe-for-Varicose-Veins-and-Thrombosis-with-Only-Two-Simple-Ingredients

RECIPE: Varicose Veins Treatment


  • One glass of sheep milk
  • One baby soap

All you need to do is grind the baby soap in the milk. We suggest keeping this remedy in a plastic container into your fridge.

How to use the remedy:
All you need to do is place compress on the affected area with this mixture. Use it 3 times a day by rubbing the mixture up and down. The results will be incredible!